Looking back at all my blog posts, I was excited to see how much I had learned from the beginning of this course until now. I noticed how I related the topics from class to personal experiences and things from other courses. For example, in my blog post titled “Ridiculous Trends,” I talked about the trends and dangers of surgical enhancements, which I had learned about in my Writing 101 course, and in my blog post titled “Racists Beauty Ideals,” I talked about colorism in the African American dating community, which I had learned about in an anthropology course. It was nice to see how topics from different courses could tie together in ways that I wouldn’t have normally thought about. I inserted the picture below because my posts made me think about the conspiracy theory articles we read, and how conspiracy theorists believe that everything is connected.  

Two themes that came up a lot in my posts were following trends and how the internet complicates our lives when we normally think of it as a tool that makes our lives easier. For example, in my blog post titled “Living for Social Media,” I talked about how people post fabricated things about their personal lives because they want to impress others. Most people only post “happy” pictures, which makes everyone else think that they should only post happy pictures to make it seem like his or her life is perfect. This trend can be a source of depression if you happen to be in a bad mood, and then go to social media and everyone else is living a “happy” and “perfect” life. The post I enjoyed reading over the most was “Living for Social Media.” I usually check some form of social media daily, and I always see posts that do not correlate to the person who posted it. It was also funny, and nice to realize that the lyrics from one of my favorite artists summed up the topic.