Beyoncé supposedly holding up the “all seeing eye,” which is the Illuminati’s symbol.

In an article titled A Culture of Conspiracy, Barkun defines a conspiracy belief as “the belief that an organization made up of individuals or groups was or is acting covertly to achieve some malevolent end” (Barkun, 2013). The conspiracy belief that I am most familiar with is the Illuminati, which is mentioned in the article. The Bavarian Illuminati is a “Masonic organization founded in 1776 that was supposedly the catalyst for the French Revolution and subsequent upheavals worldwide” (Barkun, 2013). Today, the Illuminati comes up in a lot of discussions dealing with music artists; there are always rumors that music artists join the Illuminati in order to gain more fame and money. Beyoncé, a singer, songwriter, and actress, is always a part of the Illuminati discussion. 

After Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, more discussions about her supposedly involvement in the Illuminati came about. In the beginning of the article, I embedded a picture of Beyoncé holding up a sign during her performance. Many people claim that the sign made by making a circle with your thumb and index finder and then putting it over your eye represents the Illuminati. However, I think that it is hard to definitively say that Beyoncé is representing the Illuminati with her hand gesture, since the same hand gesture can have different meanings. For example, the exact same hand gesture can also mean “ok” or “perfect.” Others also say that when her performance is slowed down, she sounds demonic. I think that comment is silly since we all sound weird whenever our voices are taped and slowed down. I think many people would agree that some conspiracy theories are thought provoking and others are just silly. I think many of the Illuminati theories in the music industry fall in the silly category. Why can’t people just gain fame from their talent and hard work?