Blogging Reflection!

Looking back at all my blog posts, I was excited to see how much I had learned from the beginning of this course until now. I noticed how I related the topics from class to personal experiences and things from other courses. For example, in my blog post titled “Ridiculous Trends,” I talked about the … Read more about Blogging Reflection!

Racist Beauty Ideals

In an article titled “Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism,” Noble discussed Google’s racist and sexist search suggestions mainly pertaining to women of color. In the beginning of the article, Noble talked about her experience with searching the words “black girls” using … Read more about Racist Beauty Ideals

Living for Social Media! Episode one from season three of Black Mirror portrays a society where the people rate each other on a scale from one to five stars for every interaction they have. These ratings have an impact … Read more about Living for Social Media!

Ridiculous Trends!

Throughout part three of Feed, the lesions on the characters come up a lot. I’m still not sure what exactly they represent, but when they were mentioned in the beginning of the book, I thought the lesions we due to radiation or some sort of malfunction from the feed. In part three of the book, the … Read more about Ridiculous Trends!

Beware of the Half-Truth

An article titled “Where the Internet Lives: Data Centers as Cloud Infrastructure” begins with a description of Google’s headline for released images of their data centers. The pictures showcased “slick, artful images of buildings, wires, pipes, servers, and dedicated workers,” with the headline … Read more about Beware of the Half-Truth